Product Listing
Air Hose - General and Mutlipurpose
Aircraft Refueling Hose
Air Quick Connects
Barbed Fittings - KC Nipples, Menders, available in SS, Poly, Brass, and Plated Steel
Couplings - Cam&Groove, Bauer, Victaulic, Pinlug, Crowfoot
Clamps - 2&4 Bolt, Worm Gear, T-bolt, Victaulic, BAND-IT
Chemical Hose - 3/4" to 4"
Concrete Pump Hose
Duct Vent Hose - Kanaflex
Exhaust Connectors - made to order in-house
Expansion Joints - made to order in-house
Fire Hose - SJ, DJ, UL nozzles, Wrenches, Adapters
Flanges - CS, SS, Slip on, Threaded
Hose - Tank Truck, Steam, Chemical, Air, Fuel, Hydraulic, Duct, Composite, and Teflon
Gaskets - Die-cut, made to order, spiral, wound, all materials
Hydraulic Quick Connects
Hydraulic Fittings - Crimp-on, Reusable, all threads available
Hydraulic Hose - 2-,4-, and 6- wire, Suction
Hydraulic Adapters
In-Line Oiler
Jack Hammer Hose
Packing - Graphite, Teflon, Flax, Gore, and more...
PVC - Discharge, Suction, Tubing, and Poly Braid
Pressure Washer - Hose, Wands, Reels and Tips
Quick Connects - Air, Hydraulic, High Pressure 10K
Reducing Couplers, Adapters, Flanges
Reels - Cox and Reel Craft
Rubber Stripping
Sheet Rubber - Buna, Hypalon, Viton, Red, Natural, Neoprene, Skirt Board, Butyl, Runner Matting, C.I. Neoprene, EPDM, ElectricalMatting, Silicone, Mill Spec.
Safety Cables
Strainers - Top Hole, Bottom-Hole, Basket, Foot Valves
Spray Hose
Tubing - Poly, Nylon
Brands We Carry...